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Pack Includes:

1 x Tsurikawa
1x White Broken Heart Tsurikawa

1 x Lanyard
1x Imperial Red Lanyard

1 x Jet Tag
1x Lil Punch Baldy - Jet Tag

4 x Air Fresheners
 1 x Ruthless Prince - Ocean 🌊
 1 x Shy Guy - Bubblegum 🍬
 1 x Explosion Boy - Grape 🍇
 1 x Human Titan - Vanilla 🍦

3 x Die-Cuts
 1 x Turn Your Wounds Into Wisdom - Die-Cut (White)
 1 x HN Live As If You Were To Die Tomorrow - Die-Cut (White)
 1 x Know Your Place - Die-Cut (White)
 1 x Once Forgotten, Dead Forever - Die-Cut (White)
 1 x Sometimes Working Hard Is Not Enough - Die-Cut (White)

Disclaimer: Air fresheners should hang freely to avoid potential damage to any surrounding area. Keep away from plastic, painted/varnished surfaces and upholstery.


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